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I've Started Programming (Possibly Even Developing)!

The writing has been on the wall for a bit: everything is software defined, I'm authoring both ARM and Bicep templates, I'm using PowerShell or Az-CLI commands to programmatically build inside Azure, so why not delve a bit deeper into programming? It'll especially come in handy with my new role and all the work we'll be covering with authorization and authentication using modern identity services.

The biggest hurdle I've found is simply knowing the direction to start. I've taken a .NET course on Pluralsight a few years back, which makes me rusty right now. I've done minimal work in Python, but nothing terribly sophisticated. I'm also now of the opinion that I don't need to be a SME either across whatever programming language I pick up. Ultimately (because I think I might be a little ADHD), I may take a few different courses across a few different programming languages. My goal is to document some of my learnings here in the event it helps aspirational programmers.

Maybe I can even say I'll become a developer! I mean...crazier things HAVE happened!

So tune in...I'm going to blog about what I wind up learning in the hopes it helps both you and me!


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