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I am a not so typical technologist. My roots are grounded in public speaking and writing. I was a Communication Studies major and English minor in college, plus I participated in competitive high school speech tournaments prior to collegiate life. I wound up gravitating toward technology through music, by way of being a DJ and needing to record demos for club promoters. By taking the time to develop initial skills of troubleshooting, I quickly found myself in jobs that started to graduate me toward deeper levels of technical skill. A self-described tinkerer, I have worked with technical mentors and colleagues who have helped me develop proficiencies in infrastructure. From my initial roots in help desk, to Windows systems administration, to VMware administration, to Exchange, to Exchange Online/Office 365, and finally Azure, I have carefully combined the right levels of technical expertise that propelled me into my role at Microsoft. From Cloud Architect to Product Manager, my time at Microsoft has been a whirlwind ride (coming up on 5 years!). I am currently a Product Manager in the Identity and Network Access division on the Digital Influence team. I focus on community outreach and content creation for Microsoft's identity platform. All curated content and how-tos provide an opportunity for companies to refocus efforts on application and service reliability. 

One thing to mention: this blog is a personal hobby that I work on outside of my day job at Microsoft. My opinions and messages are my own and do not necessarily reflect my employer (often times they do).

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