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Windows PC Health Check - Not Compatible with Windows 11?

Like many people, I have a custom desktop at home that I use. I bought it in 2020, so it's a little over a year old. I wanted to install Windows 11 on the machine. Whenever I'd run the Windows PC Health Check, it'd say my machine wasn't able to run Windows 11 because TPM wasn't detected, just like what is shown in the screen shot below. Note the picture I'm using isn't my machine, as I have 64GB of RAM installed, but it should hopefully look familiar to those of you stuck in a similar situation:

Each time I'd boot into UEFI Bios, I couldn't find a TPM entry underneath the security section or the CPU section. Determined to get to the bottom of it, I spent some time digging into where these settings are + I had to check and make sure my motherboard could support everything.

Because I don't really like to pry open my computers unless I absolutely need to, I ran a few wmic commands to determine the make, manufacturer, and model of my motherboard. Somehow I deleted the order confirmations for that part of my build and I'm going to blame that on 2020. ;)

After running the following command, I first checked compatibility related to potentially running Windows 11 on that motherboard:

I did some digging online and found a few websites like this, indicating it would be possible for my motherboard. Ok so what the hell was I missing?

I then discovered the following video, which helped tell the tale as to where you change this setting within the UEFI Bios. If you're not a fan of videos, follow these steps:

1) Boot into your UEFI Bios.

2) Click on Advanced.

3) Click on CPU Configuration.

4) Click on AMD fTPM switch.

5) Change the setting from Disabled to AMD CPU fTPM.

6) Click on Exit at the top.

7) Ensure you click on Save Changes and Exit.

8) Boot Windows 10 back up and run the Windows PC Health Check. Your computer should now meet the minimum requirements to run Windows 11.

Hopefully that helped you out!

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