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New(er) Unifi Settings

Am I the only one who's been a bit confused by the new Unifi web interface? I hope I'm not. I spent some time fine tuning my home networking environment recently and stumbled across the UDM Base advanced settings, which provides you better access to certain key features.

I personally thought I had no access (or lost access) to some of these features because I was probably moving too fast and missed two areas for additional configuration:

Users and System Settings. Whoops. I wasn't super familiar seeing these configuration items there, as the classic view had everything in 1 menu for ease of administration. Looks like Ubiquiti changed things up with this new (and slightly unintuitive) administrator portal.

Users simply provides a way of adding users and editing permissions or roles of existing users:

System Settings takes you into a different administrator portal where you see performance and stats of of your UDM machine, you can apply updates, and you can specify your location or allow the UDM to obtain that information automatically. The big piece of UDM administration I was happy to see (finally - especially after missing it initially) lives under the Advanced gear wheel icon.

The first part of the page that displays after you click on the Advanced gear icon involves things like: changing the device name, enabling SSH, changing the SSH password, and enabling analytics and improvements. I stumbled across this section originally because I needed to enable SSH about a month ago to get into the UDM from the command line.

The lower portion of the Advanced configuration portal provides you ways of safely powering off, restarting, or initiating a factory reset on your UDM. If you're running a UDM for a business, you can also download a support file to assist with an actual issue in your production environment.

Occasionally I have had to restart my UDM base. I scoured the Unifi message boards and could only deduce that I needed to unplug the device in the back and plug it back in to power back on. Who knew it was even easier (and probably safer with saving all the network configurations).

In closing, my hope is to highlight these UI changes because it's sort of being casually forced upon for Unifi customers. You can still switch to the classic view, but sometimes I've had problems running UDM with the legacy UI. There's still a settings section if you select Network from the landing page, which doesn't have the full settings to configure, which is why I decided to blog about these additional settings because I was lost (up until recently). The short story is there are now multiple places to fully configure and administer your UDM...and those different spots seem to be here to stay. So FYI to all lovers of Ubiquiti devices who may be moving toward buying a UDM Base or the UDM Pro.

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