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MSVCP110.dll is missing from your computer

I'm always experimenting and trying out new things. Like I've talked about previously, I love Chocolatey. I was experimenting with upgrading all packages Chocolatey can upgrade by running:

 choco upgrade all -y

I believed I was in the clear and was actually set to run this on a scheduled task, however I did receive an error message on 1 application when I ran this during an out of band practice attempt. The best part? I couldn't recognize the application, so I moved past the error. That is...until...I received the following error message when trying to launch Adobe Premiere Pro recently:

A few quick Google/Bing searches led me nowhere in particular at first. I then moved fixing this to the back burner because of everything else I've been working on. Ultimately my search fu could've been off the day I tried to fix the issue quickly.

As luck would have it, I had time to fix this issue a few days ago and figured I'd write a blog post as a way for me to remember exactly what fixed the issue on my computer. I tend to have my blog posts be a helpful repository of information I learn so I don't keep trying to injure myself with what I run on my computer. Hopefully this post helps you if you ever encounter this problem!

After digging and digging, I concluded the Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2012 Update 4 needed to be repaired. Both the x86 and x64 flavor. Head here:

Then select Download.

When prompted, select the x86 and x64 executables. From there, select Next.

After both executables download to your affected machine, run both files like you normally would when installing new software. The installation will see that the software is already installed and will launch a Modify Setup dialogue box. Select Repair.

Ensure you perform this task with both executables: the x86 and x64. Repairing both installations does not require a reboot.

Then, after the repairs are finished, Adobe Premiere Pro will launch. Huzzah!

The DLL error message I initially received was new to me and as I mentioned, either my search fu was off the day I originally tried to fix this or the fix wasn't as easy to find as I had originally hoped (maybe a bit of both). File this one away for a rainy day!


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