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Change Display Name AAD Tenant

Now that I have your attention, I figured something out today that was surprisingly easy. When I set up my Azure Active Directory tenant for my home domain back in 2015, I clearly missed the display name field because it's literally named "Shannon Kuehn". Maybe I was doing too much at the time. At this point, anything is possible.

I do like my name, but I don't like that being the directory name for 1 of my Azure Active Directory tenants. After moving into the Identity and Network Access program group outright, I have been cleaning up environments and getting things prepped for demos/content.

I wanted to change this once and for all so I knew what I was looking at related to directory display names. Like most people, I'm behind a command line more often these days and seeing "Shannon Kuehn" is going to get a "wtf?" from me. Maybe not RIGHT now, but eventually.

Let's help my future self out a bit, aye? Aye.

Within your Azure Active Directory tenant, scroll down to Properties, underneath Manage. In the pane that opens on the right, you will see Tenant properties. Change this from whatever your tenant is currently called (Shannon Kuehn in my instance) to what you would like your tenant to be called (Shakeen in my instance - Shakeen is an old high school nickname that clearly stuck).



Note, make sure you don't forget to select Save at the top of this screen.

The update takes a few seconds, but then you see a success message.

From this point, whenever you locate the display name for your Azure Active Directory tenant (portal or via something like PowerShell), the directory name change will be reflected.



Hopefully finding that out helped you! Happy trails!

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