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ARM Templates

One of the things I've enjoyed over the last almost 5 years of all Azure all the time is digging deep into code...specifically ARM Templates. I often make the joke that I've never been a developer in real life, but I now play a dev on TV (just like folks playing doctors on TV). The recent paradigm shift to a software defined universe sort of forced me to get better at code.

To go 1 step further, I have worked with extremely large enterprises and talked to big development teams as they realize the value of moving to the cloud. The big joke would be that I'd eventually tell them I'm not a developer and infrastructure is my background. That admission always receives a good chuckle and I rebound the conversation by saying that I had to retool my skillset now that we're no longer racking and stacking infrastructure.

So how did I do it? Well I'll be unpacking that topic quite a bit of that this year as part of my blog (plus I still feel like I'm learning, so I'll document new things I'm learning). I have also published blogs on training sites + Microsoft blogs to help folks understand how you can create automated builds for infrastructure deployment. As I start in on this topic, I wanted to provide you some awesome resources that I've used to get better at ARM Templates (plus blogs I've authored).

GitHub Repos

Skylines Academy Blog Series (authored by me)

IT Ops Talk Blog Series - Replica Domain Controller (authored by me)

With that, you now have a lot to unpack. The beauty is you can absorb or go through what you want to in manageable chunks. If anything, I've found time management to be tough as I've grown more senior in my roles. I have also had to take on Infrastructure as Code in manageable chunks because I couldn't go through everything in an end to end fashion. Do what I did! Tackle a chapter or a video over lunch (1 a day) and I think you'll be building ARM Templates in no time!

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